Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Pretty spring , hot and now cold, reviving and dying again. The allergy prick to an alabaster skin. An iceberg imploding , the song of a robin, my hand in yours with the touch that cures. Obama is a coming while clinton is crumbling , your lips in my nipple ,my interior ripple.
Report cards are due and everyone's good, ah the blossoms of life , that spurs with a bribe, my poem , your socks, the flower , his cock. All closely related , down here in Jaded, don't wake me you old breath, I sweat in my girth. The trick is unleashed  , the point conquered, your needle is sturdy, you got me all pampered. Spring is a whore that everyone 's paying. 
with shugah.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The fricks come out at night

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Ability of

I so know NO ONe looks at this blog, this is the way I like it actually just in the sliver of a chance someone would, and that's it. No more fat for you. You sarracen dogs, wanting so much for nothing. Noah! I will dish it out as I can puke it. You my major no one , my finger link ,  the solo trip , you can wait some more, for the volcano is about to erupt and it is not going to smell like a manwich , it 'll be to elevated to be inhaled. So wait and finger yerself until the next put out of NI√Ďa MALAAAAA!
har har har