Thursday, July 9, 2009


I am such a nerdy nerd , and such a mesclum un-lettuce part, you could say I was a kickable ass.
Beer and Twizzlers are my dinner ta-night , and I wouldn't have it any other way. Some old boring fart told me once beer was food , well , that was the one thing I learned from this spiky soul. Not so wholesome in my procured Mediterranean diet but still hearty enough to make burps meaty. I am missing a Goddamm cigarette just now and there is not a sad soul to bum them off. I have become ( mind you) one sporadic smoker , ever since I became a procreator that was a standing issue and no problem whatsoever for me to leave in a corner , just NOW , at this moment in which a write some hair tangled words it seems just the right outter limit to go through. Oh and did I say anything about the music I am hearing right now ? the dabba-dabba years didn't go around to no use let me tell ya. I am the willing light trapped in an elevator and rewarded by it with the tunes for the castigated ear that can deal with anything , like fab bachellor pad music from a closet where you shouldn't look in , magic. Given the solid I live in a forest , there is no trace of a cigui around and that'll be ok.

I am lost in this mess of words it seems I am taking you nowhere tonight and you would be just having car sex instead . I will drop my keys and let you have a good time without my blabling in the background.

I love my car tho, keep it clean.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday night in the foggin' fog!

Seems you're caught pants down with a salute happening in the rain . So lovely so alive and finally so fluid. Rain has fallen on us and broken the ice. i feel a grateful aim towards the outside , slippery when wet and reluctant to disappearing. Lazy and slow awakening bound to happen all around , very welcomed and anticipated . One more rite of passage for those rookies and one more page to turn . With the load of life about to sprout and the one already  in motion , I can only admire your predisposition to a whim. So close to my hand to milk all that bursted mute representation of passion , and so alien for you to take it in . Lives in the confusion , many a desire able to spill on the white surface ahead , so very hidden and vulnerable at this point , so wanting to be seen in  any degree of integrity. Let me tell you the power of you exploding against the wall is just a random ability to face your own power. 
Go over or under but know that your output as a living smudge is never underminded by me.

Love to love you baby

Donna summer-

Monday, February 16, 2009


Sunday, February 15, 2009


Sponge my tongue , stick it to me . So porous of you to grab on to my meat . It is plump and it is wet but it is also cheeky  to adhere yourself with no permission from me.  Run along you holy disc  so used to just be swallowed unquestioned , stop it there I wanna know what your business is trying to do to my business. I have given you the charisma no dough ever had , your little fiber is not twisting me inside , could be a needful embrace but not required as a breath . We all can have a little trouble when you insist in passing through as plain air , I will point at you the thickness that you are is not zero , it does create a conflict of friction everywhere you slip along . Remain were you were put , and stay available to my request , no need for you to assume I must have you.
In this way not much will be in need of dusting and not much more will become dust. 
Frankly , all you were cut out to do is being accomplished and there lyes  the base for this sauce being cooked , thank you so very much for functioning so very well . You have reached a godly spot.

Friday, January 30, 2009

TIRAMIZU ( or) ( cago en la hostia)

Three flavors all mixed but never coagulated together. Three families headed by fantastic people , never too gruesome and never too dedicated to have their assess licked by a fourth some. All disintegrated in a faux pas in social life. The nitty gritty of behaviour with a link , with a repercussion while doing your obliterating . The thing that at fifteen you would have laughed at and scorned someone for. So oblivious to what the natural dict amen of steps should be. Yet so influential to the steps YOU  are going to take towards it. This Tiramizu is meant to piss on your mouth , no deliciousness out of it , just crude disappointment and once more a snob from the Yale varsity to the MIT crowd. I suppose I will  lye in the MIT bunch , all the better . A hard condoning institution being scrapped for flux to something they are never supposed to be attached to . 

I knows what am saying

Monday, January 26, 2009


GOOD MORNINg darling , the look out of my window this morning is the same as yesterday , maybe a few more branches cracked or not. This few lines are meant to give myself a kick in the ass and observe around me the absence of needy souls to comfort , twisting my arm to realize there is no excuse to hang on to and blame for my vague movements and lazy head. I am so lucky to be alive and bla bla bla, the gift bla , yes likey likey being alive but those black holes of nothingness coming from within sure makes one feel like undeserving of the extra time . So there , I will now jump into my frozen pool and wake completely into the moment that has been designed for me.
Mornin' to you too.