Thursday, July 9, 2009


I am such a nerdy nerd , and such a mesclum un-lettuce part, you could say I was a kickable ass.
Beer and Twizzlers are my dinner ta-night , and I wouldn't have it any other way. Some old boring fart told me once beer was food , well , that was the one thing I learned from this spiky soul. Not so wholesome in my procured Mediterranean diet but still hearty enough to make burps meaty. I am missing a Goddamm cigarette just now and there is not a sad soul to bum them off. I have become ( mind you) one sporadic smoker , ever since I became a procreator that was a standing issue and no problem whatsoever for me to leave in a corner , just NOW , at this moment in which a write some hair tangled words it seems just the right outter limit to go through. Oh and did I say anything about the music I am hearing right now ? the dabba-dabba years didn't go around to no use let me tell ya. I am the willing light trapped in an elevator and rewarded by it with the tunes for the castigated ear that can deal with anything , like fab bachellor pad music from a closet where you shouldn't look in , magic. Given the solid I live in a forest , there is no trace of a cigui around and that'll be ok.

I am lost in this mess of words it seems I am taking you nowhere tonight and you would be just having car sex instead . I will drop my keys and let you have a good time without my blabling in the background.

I love my car tho, keep it clean.