Saturday, February 2, 2008


A Migraine beating woke me up this morning, kicking my whole brain around like Beckman would, hugged tightly around my popcorn head , like an escaped demon holding on for change . Aggressive and lumpy this migraine is allowed to fuck my head for I know I let her. It's longevity lies in my sole power, my absolutism of this slice of ham my body is. I have the weapon of its destruction, in the form of a little white pill, mwwuahahaha! So after my steaming earl grey has pushed those two swirly bits of bread down my throat and found them a cushy seat to see the fireworks , I threw the white warrior in my mouth and the last sip of tea carried it down to its formidable destiny. The sea of mars and the galaxies from within and its dead parents met this device at the end of the tunnel and guided it to the light, the final jump to one more immortality in the saga of the pill. The explosion of its fusion with the carrier juices has reached its purpose and the message is finally sent. Little Hermes is spreading the word of peace through out the Valley of gods my brain is... and slowly after some well devised plan of dialogue, the peace reaches and spreads accordingly to design...and the bright light has been of use once again for that little white martyr, giving its life for the creator of that universe. Me myself and I.

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