Friday, May 16, 2008


Oh dearest supreme one , if you read blogs, know that I wish all humans and animals in the world a peaceful night.  Oh maker of all, humor me and be. I pray for the enlightenment of human beasts abroad, the passing out of horrid elements and the exaltation of those that need to be heard. The temporary silencing of those empty screamers of nothing and the release of diction of those that should be writing . Hear me out Mighty sponge, and squeeze out of you the goodness of intellect amongst those of us who have grown diminished of it, proportion in all  your benevolence , the favor of speech in good marriage with sense , a bridge , if you will of practice and theory embodied by the most worked and sunk of souls and a ray of light itself. Forbid the dark shadow of incompetence and the arrogance of ignorance to have a fuck, and if they do  force them to wear a condom . 
And with this small prayer of hope in all i say thanks for the many wrongs you are going to right tonight.
my little being is now thankful.


ArtDecAaDencE said... your unique writing style oh urbangipsy!...also visited your etsy site and just love those paper dolls and if the supreme one would just send me some dosh I could go and purchase some....thanks for sharing and brightening the day...Christine

urbangipsy said...

yeiii! nice to know someone is out there!!