Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday night in the foggin' fog!

Seems you're caught pants down with a salute happening in the rain . So lovely so alive and finally so fluid. Rain has fallen on us and broken the ice. i feel a grateful aim towards the outside , slippery when wet and reluctant to disappearing. Lazy and slow awakening bound to happen all around , very welcomed and anticipated . One more rite of passage for those rookies and one more page to turn . With the load of life about to sprout and the one already  in motion , I can only admire your predisposition to a whim. So close to my hand to milk all that bursted mute representation of passion , and so alien for you to take it in . Lives in the confusion , many a desire able to spill on the white surface ahead , so very hidden and vulnerable at this point , so wanting to be seen in  any degree of integrity. Let me tell you the power of you exploding against the wall is just a random ability to face your own power. 
Go over or under but know that your output as a living smudge is never underminded by me.

Love to love you baby

Donna summer-

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