Sunday, February 15, 2009


Sponge my tongue , stick it to me . So porous of you to grab on to my meat . It is plump and it is wet but it is also cheeky  to adhere yourself with no permission from me.  Run along you holy disc  so used to just be swallowed unquestioned , stop it there I wanna know what your business is trying to do to my business. I have given you the charisma no dough ever had , your little fiber is not twisting me inside , could be a needful embrace but not required as a breath . We all can have a little trouble when you insist in passing through as plain air , I will point at you the thickness that you are is not zero , it does create a conflict of friction everywhere you slip along . Remain were you were put , and stay available to my request , no need for you to assume I must have you.
In this way not much will be in need of dusting and not much more will become dust. 
Frankly , all you were cut out to do is being accomplished and there lyes  the base for this sauce being cooked , thank you so very much for functioning so very well . You have reached a godly spot.

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